(Serious) Blogging is so much more than *just* posting articles

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"If you write it, they will come." No. They won’t. Yes, they will. No. They won’t. Well, maybe ten years ago. But, not today. Blogging is not just about writing a couple articles and calling it a day. You have to research, write, edit, edit, edit, format, insert rich media content, *preview*, then publish. THEN the work really begins. After

Google Analytics: Behaviour & Engagement

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How many of your users are new? How many are returning? How engaged are they? How many pages deep are they getting? You can get all these statistics in Google Analytics. I'll help you answer those questions in this article. New versus Returning Readers This feels like an age-old question, and in many ways it is. Shops know their new

Why Google Analytics is so Important to your Blog

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Do marketing specialists just throw out campaigns willy-nilly without doing any research on the market? No. So why are you spewing out content without looking at the audience you’re capturing? You need to know who is reading your content, because without it, your bounce rate will skyrocket, and your visits will be at an all time low. Like this: People

Google Analytics: Desktop & Mobile Stats

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Knowing what browsers, operating system and service provider your readers use plays a big part in development of your website, and also with tailoring your content to fit their needs. Like the demographics, this is really easy to find in Google Analytics. You can get basic highlights right under the highlights on the Audience Overview page, as seen below: By

Google Analytics: Demographics

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You're probably wondering why demographics metrics are so important. Well, it is, because if your content is being viewed mainly by people in Spain, you may want to have a Spanish translated version of your website. This is really easy to find in Google Analytics. You can get basic highlights right under the highlights on the Audience Overview page, as seen

Google Analytics: The Basics

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We’ve been there; you were told to use Google Analytics because it’s “good” and now you don’t know what the hell you’re looking at. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you in detail in my latest series on Google Analytics. Welcome to Google Analytics: The Basics :) The Audience Overview panel is usually where you land when you select which

Why you should Schedule your Posts (WordPress)

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This is a standard feature of WordPress which is severely under-utilised. Scheduling your posts could be the best thing you can do for your blog. Write to your heart’s content Gone are the days where I sit every night and try to write. Most days, I’m just not feeling like writing; other days, I can write up to ten articles

Tips for Starting a Blog

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Everyone and their neighbour seems to be blogging these days and you want to also, but have no clue where to start. Here are a few points to get you started. What are you going to write about? Finding a topic might be hard at first if you don’t have a role you want to fill. If you’re a photographer,

Why (and how) I use Evernote for Blogging

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It is pretty evident that I use Evernote almost exclusively, but today I’ll be chatting a bit about using Evernote for blogging. When used efficiently, Evernote can be the most powerful tool anyone could have, especially writers. You see, people think that blogging is just write a post, hit publish and that’s it. Blogging is a lot more complicated than

The Only Reason why you NEED a Web Presence

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I would not think that in 2014 I would still be answering the now age-old question, “do I even need a web presence?”, but sadly, I still get asked this at least once a week, and have a hard time explaining it every single time. For me, it’s a pretty common sense answer to a pretty redundant question. If you have

Tips for Business Blogging

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Blogging is not rocket science, but if you’re not doing it right (like all things), it will fail. Upon looking for tips, I found this insane, yet very helpful article, on The Sales Lion, which will assist all you newbie business bloggers, and all other bloggers alike.  All of these tips will help you in some form or fashion. You just really

How Long should your Blog Posts be?

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Most bloggers have asked themselves the same question at some point in their career: how long should your blog post be? If you have done a simple Google search on the topic, you will realise that most experts contradict each other, indicating that their personal preferences influence their decision. There is no benchmark, no standard, no set limit for how

4 Reasons Why you NEED a Web Presence

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This is a common question and a complete no-brainer. #1: Your consumers are there!  According to traditional marketing rules, you’re supposed to be where your target market is, and recently, most of everyone’s target market can be reached online. #2: People are looking for YOUR website!  You’ll be shocked to know how many people are looking for your website. If

7 Editing Rules That Will Totally Transform Your Next Post

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I found this post while stumbling around the internet (link), and I believe it will really help everyone. This does not apply only to bloggers, journalists, and professional copywriters, but also to when we’re writing emails, cover letters. It will help everyone get noticed. 1. Don’t Pad Your Prose with Empty Filler Words  (Or: Avoid Using Grammar Expletives) Grammar expletives are

So I have a website up. What next?

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Many people set up a website, and believe that’s it, and it’s because of this notion that we have so many out-dated, boring, and bland websites out there, and no one is visiting them! Web development is a never ending job! After setting up a website, it takes a few weeks after to really get things settled down. Little tweaks

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