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There are many mistakes you can make out in the great inter-webs which you may not even notice, but it’s hurting your social reach and impact, which is bad… big time. So here is a short list of the very many out there.

#1: Stalking. Stalking a person on social media is creepy. Don’t like every update, and comment on everything. Need not elaborate.

#2: An Inactive Web Presence. I have seen this SO much it’s not funny. I go to a website, love it, and decide to follow them or like their Facebook page, only to find out their last update was a year ago. Why do you do that? WHY? You’re hurting yourself by doing that. Even outdated websites and blogs. If you’re not blogging, put a disclaimer that you’re on a hiatus or something, or just pull it down altogether.

#3 The Disappearing Conversationalist. You start a great discussion and you disappear like a ghost in the middle of it. Aren’t you engaging your users? Why would you leave a virtual conversation without notice, but would never do the same for a conversation in person? They are one in the same. Treat them with the same level of respect.

#4. The Sales Pitch Addict. When you connect with someone, and they accept, you hit them an immediate sales pitch. I can’t tell you how much that upsets me on LinkedIn. You don’t jump into bed as soon as you met someone (unless you’re like that, which is.. fine by your standards), you court them, lure them in, THEN hit them the pitch!

#5: The Broadcast Factor. I’ve seen this with almost every single business social networking feed out there. You broadcast your stuff, but you don’t interact. This is everywhere, especially on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t follow or like pages like this, because it’s boring and lacks fundamental human nature. Throw in something funny or inspirational, so that we’ll know you’re not an Android.

#6: The Narcissistic A-Hole. They are everywhere; it’s like a worldwide epidemic of “me, me me”. You only talk about what you’re doing, you only retweet your mentions, only share content which includes you. Again, another unlike/unfollow for you. Be nice and include someone else; cross promotion is the BEST way to get big, fast.

#7: Negativity Magnet. Are you one of those who get onto Facebook or Twitter and shred someone else’s opinion because you don’t agree? Or do you gripe and complain about everything? If you are, STOP. This is a big no-no. Accept people for who they are, don’t be so negative about everything, and remember that you don’t have to please everyone!

#8: Carbon Copy. You have several social media networks, but you don’t have the time to manage them all, all the time, so you post the same thing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. A BIG no-no. What about the people who follow you on all these networks? They will think it’s spammy because they’ve seen it, not once, but three times before. Develop a plan for each network you use, and tailor it to that particular network.

And last, but not least…

#9: SPAM. Stop flooding my stream with all of YOU. That will make anyone hit that unlike/unfollow button real quick, and I’ll be first in line.

Nobody is perfect, and quite honestly, my personal social media suffers for the sake of my clients. But, this should help you, and me, become better social media networkers.

If you have any questions, have a suggestion or need some advice, feel free to leave it in the comments. And don’t forget to share this article!