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For the last few months, I will admit that I have been making excuses for a lot of things; having a plaster for every sore.. Whether it came to procrastinating my personal work, exercise, yoga, meditation, or anything which does not currently fit into my schedule and busy life.

So, enough excuses and procrastination, this morning, I woke up with a change of heart and focus. All the things I’ve wanted to do, starts today. Given that I haven’t eaten meat in a few days, and the last day feeling guilty for eating it (my heart has convinced my mind that eating meat is wrong), that was the first decision. I affirm that I have the strength and will power to completely stop eating meat as of this day.

The second decision was yoga. I have a yoga mat, I have a yoga program on my laptop, I have the space, but I didn’t have the “time” or I needed a “proper yoga instructor” or even, “I couldn’t find the right class”. Well guess what.. I spent 40 minutes this morning doing what? YOGA. And a further 40 minutes stationary-bike riding, doing crunches and stretching my hamstrings, which seemed to be so very tight, but actually weren’t after a warm up. I could not believe that it’s been about three years since I really exercised, dieted, and took the proper care for not just my health, but my body. I will admit that THAT is deplorable in my books.

After my long exercise routine, I took an ice cold shower and literally scrubbed myself clean, washing away all the negativity surrounding me, and releasing all the pressure and stress. Then ideas started flowing again, like they used to, and I became inspired to write again… really write. I even have an idea for my final project.

Since I put in my braces, I haven’t eaten much rice, bread, flour or pasta; not even meat simply because I get tired of chewing, and it’s a pain to clean out of my braces afterwards too. I haven’t had more than 2 teaspoons of processed sugar (which I have in my morning coffee during the week) and absolutely no junk food. So, this is an awesome time to take advantage of that, and just change my diet permanently. Honestly, I have not eaten much of anything.

I also took a measurement of my waist and hips, since I have lost a lot of weight on my current diet. I have officially lost an inch off my waist, and three inches off my hips; and that’s with NO exercise. Since the fat is melting off, all I need to do now is tone, tighten and strengthen my core.

For the next two weeks, the plan is to drink two litres of water a day, yoga and heavy stretching, sit-ups and crunches, epic leg stretches and heavy stationary bike riding. I will also write more. I plan on writing an e-book to inspire young women to stay focused and combat peer pressure, suicide and depression. So I think I’ll start that soon.

You can’t make time; you have to take the time.

Thank you to the person who reminded me to draw inspiration from within, remain 100% positive regardless of what I’m going through, and to fuel that inner drive to make a difference. Thank you for helping me find myself!