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Okay, two weeks ago, I (finally) got my braces put in, and I must say that there are things that I wish I knew about before.

No, you can’t eat this.. or that… or that.. or that… :

Before you get them in, know that your diet is going to change. Chances of you eating anything you normally eat are slim. I admittedly cheated and have had little pieces of lamb chops and bread in between, but very carefully. Stick to mashed potatoes, and soups, or you’ll pay, dearly.. at 3am, when you think your teeth are going to fall out.. (oh I know that all too well)

Invest in Lip Balm

Before you go in to get your braces put in, or to do any work after, coat your lips with lip balm. It will really help with the drying out, and prevent them from cracking up and bleeding. Also, coat some on before bed. Your lips might dry out and crack during the night too.

Dental Wax is your BFF

You’ll learn to love dental wax. I know that I did. A trick I use is to roll it in a ball between my fingertips, then squish it a bit flat, then put it on the bracket that’s really harsh on the inside of my cheeks. I take this stuff everywhere with me. It’s more important than my cellphone. (and as important as my lip balm)

Always have Anbesol Gel

The brackets cut the inside of your mouth, so it’s always great to have this stuff around when that happens. It prevents infection and numbs it up for a bit when the brackets decided they want to dig their way out of your mouth through your cheek. (This has happened to me in my sleep)

Floss, every night, like a mental OCD patient

I didn’t understand this one, until I flossed, on the second night. When you have braces, you don’t brush as well as you’d think. So flossing helps to get the extra disgusting crap out, plus it helps prevent cavities. Getting cavities while having braces is a serious challenge, not to mention, a painful one.

Listerine Pocket Strips: They will save your life from bonding agent

I wish I picked up mine before I rushed out of the house that morning. I forget them. If I didn’t, then I would not have had the awful experience with that taste in my mouth for hours.

Stick to the diet plan

Some foods will dissolve the bonding agent, like fizzy drinks, so you shouldn’t be having them. Coffee, wines, and blueberries are not recommended since they discolour your teeth, and you’ll have a whiter patch when the brackets come off. Even though the brackets are glued down, they can come off pretty easy, so stick to eating soft foods that you don’t have to chew.


I’m convinced that orthodontists are half-breeds. They must be half human, half ogre. And the ogre only comes out when you disobey them. Don’t do anything to piss them off. And don’t ever be late for an appointment.


That’s all for now. If I remember anything else, I’ll be sure to add them in 🙂