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Managing Anxiety

2021-07-20T16:28:56+00:00November 15th, 2019|• Featured, • Reshare, Heal Thyself, The Good Stuff|

Stop on your way to work for 30 seconds and look around you. What do you see? The postman is out delivering mail, people are rushing past you on the busy street to get to work, Amazon delivering a midnight order of nappies, construction workers continue to toil on, a child is throwing a tantrum with a frustrated parent, cyclists

Failure Means Progress

2021-07-20T16:48:46+00:00April 7th, 2018|• Reshare, C'est Ma Vie!, The Good Stuff|

I love failure. Yeah, you read that right. I love failure; I live to fail. I enjoy every moment of it. But I wasn’t always like this. I hated it and I allowed it to consume me to the point of paralysis once. Never again. This is what I’ve learned… If I received a penny for every time I failed,

Nothing Good Comes Easy

2021-07-20T16:48:03+00:00March 27th, 2017|• Reshare, C'est Ma Vie!, The Good Stuff|

I’ve glossed over the last year of my life, and I’ve seen mostly struggle. I’ve had a couple of great days and those were amazing days; however, most of my last year has been full of pain on levels that I’d rather not describe. How I’ve managed to go through this with my sanity just about in check, I do

Advice from a Failed Startup Founder

2021-06-15T05:07:53+00:00March 24th, 2017|• Featured, • Reshare, C'est Ma Vie!, Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

This business took everything. Two marriages. Two cars. Homes. Money. Sanity. Everything. How ready are you to open a business? There is no founder on the planet who has lost absolutely nothing in the process of gaining success. If anyone has ever told you that, call bullshit immediately. I refuse to believe that someone opened a business, and shot to

Why is Business Planning Important?

2021-06-15T05:07:22+00:00March 14th, 2017|• Reshare, Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

We’ve all wondered if a business plan actually makes sense. I didn’t do a thorough business plan for my first serious startup and it flopped, in ways I was not expecting it to. My justification for not taking the time to do it, was that it was all in my head and we didn’t need it because we were all

Getting Clients to Commit! 

2016-07-09T02:55:07+00:00July 9th, 2016|Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

As a startup, and even as an existing business, it's becoming seemingly harder to get clients to commit to business for a set duration. However, for some businesses, it might mean the difference between sinking, floating and sailing. Committing clients to a five year contract for a simple service in this economy is ludicrous. Six-month and twelve-month contracts with three

The Rule of Three

2021-07-20T16:47:46+00:00July 8th, 2016|• Reshare, Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

The rule of three is simple. Pick three things you want to achieve today. And focus all your efforts on those three things.  By doing this, you end up clearing your task list much faster than you expected, you're not as drained, and you're more relaxed, because you only have three things to do today. The bonus is that when

How valuable is YOUR time?

2016-07-05T03:00:02+00:00July 5th, 2016|Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

How much do you value your time? Do you have a dollar figure per hour? Every business has tasks that no one wants to do, but someone has to do it, right? And if no one else can do it, then you have to do it, right? Wrong. When you, as a specifically-skilled individual, have to do a million things

Inbox Zero

2021-02-23T15:59:34+00:00July 1st, 2016|Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

Inbox Zero... the seemingly unattainable feat. Here is an easy method to get you to inbox zero: When you read something, you do one of three things: If you need to action something in the email, flag it and leave it in the inbox. If you do not need to action it but you should keep it for future reference,

Getting things done… 

2021-02-23T15:59:22+00:00June 28th, 2016|Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

You can read hundreds of articles and books on getting things done, and download dozens of the top rated productivity apps in the App Store, but there is one method that many "productivity gurus" seem to forget to mention... Just sit down and do the fucking work!  There. That's the best piece of advice I can give to anyone about

Get Sh*t Done with Project Management

2021-02-23T15:55:06+00:00December 15th, 2014|Sprout Your Business, The Good Stuff|

For those who don't know, my career was in Events and Project Management before I took the dive to pursue my deep love for technology. I was 17 when I hosted my first event, which naturally was a total flop, but great lessons to be learned from that story, and I've had the fantastic experience of working on Trinidad's biggest

Google Analytics: Behaviour & Engagement

2014-12-04T18:42:29+00:00December 4th, 2014|The Good Stuff, TILT Your Marketing|

How many of your users are new? How many are returning? How engaged are they? How many pages deep are they getting? You can get all these statistics in Google Analytics. I'll help you answer those questions in this article. New versus Returning Readers This feels like an age-old question, and in many ways it is. Shops know their new

Why Google Analytics is so Important to your Blog

2014-12-02T18:41:03+00:00December 2nd, 2014|The Good Stuff, TILT Your Marketing|

Do marketing specialists just throw out campaigns willy-nilly without doing any research on the market? No. So why are you spewing out content without looking at the audience you’re capturing? You need to know who is reading your content, because without it, your bounce rate will skyrocket, and your visits will be at an all time low. Like this: People

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